Update about Wattle Place

We wanted to update you on what is happening at Wattle Place, given the recent announcements by the NSW Government about easing COVID 19 restrictions.

While it is a relief that restrictions have started to ease, the reality is that COVID is still in the community and still poses a risk, particularly to those who have health conditions that make them more susceptible, and those who are unvaccinated. That means that if the number of COVID cases increase too much after “opening up”, snap lockdowns may still be required to quickly contain any outbreaks.

While that uncertainty still exists, we believe the safest option, especially so close to the end of the Christmas/New Year break, is for Wattle Place to continue providing most of our services remotely (that is online and over the phone) into next year, by which time we should have a better indication of how the COVID case numbers respond to the easing of restrictions. We don’t want to open up after all this time, only to have to close again because we didn’t give it enough time.

By waiting a little bit longer to see what actually happens, rather than trying to make predictions, we will be able to confidently determine the safest and most reliable option.

We understand that some of you may be disappointed by this. The decision was not made lightly, but, as a number of you have health issues that put you in more danger of both catching and having serious symptoms from COVID, as do some of our team, we are confident this is the best decision for everyone’s health and safety, and provides a level of consistency among so much uncertainty.

Of course we will still maintain all of the support we have continued to offer throughout the lockdowns, so we encourage you, as always, to contact Wattle Place if you need support.