Welcome back!

Welcome to 2021! Wattle Place is open and ready to hear from you!

We hope you were able to enjoy the Christmas to New Year break, however you spent it. Some of us in Sydney had our plans changed due to the new outbreak before Christmas, but, as we did when the COVID 19 virus first arrived in Australia, we adapted, even when it was difficult, to ensure our safety, and the safety of those around us. We’ve become quite good at that and for that we should be proud.

Without minimising the difficulties and devastating consequences of this global pandemic, it is beneficial to try and focus on whatever positives we can – to find the “silver linings”. For instance, the restrictions provided some of us an opportunity to stay home and take some time away from the outside world, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. The “slow down” forced some of us to prioritise what we did and maybe didn’t need so much in our lives, the things we could and couldn’t control, and to find and appreciate the small things that we held dear, to help us through the difficult times.

For Wattle Place, we know having to move online and over the phone was challenging for some of you, but if it weren’t for those options, we couldn’t have provided the services at all during this time. We hope it has also enabled some of you to learn a little more about the online world that you otherwise may not have learnt. We have also been reminded of the importance of keeping you informed as much as possible and adding to the methods through which we give you information and the ease with which you are able to contact us. We hope these new measures, in addition to our usual methods of communication and interaction, have been useful for you. We wish you all the best for 2021. We’re here for you.