Extended! - NSW Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme and Funeral Assistance Fund

The New South Wales Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme provides ex-gratia payments of $75,000 to living Stolen Generations survivors who were removed from their families and committed to the care of the New South Wales Aborigines Protection or Welfare Boards. This payment is made in recognition of the harm that these removals caused.

The Funeral Assistance Fund provides one-off payments of $7,000 to Stolen Generations survivors to assist with the cost of funerals.

Recipients can also request a personal apology from a representative of the NSW Government.

The deadline for Applications has been extended, and applications will now close 30 June 2023


The New South Wales Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme commenced on 1 July 2017 and provides ex-gratia payments to living Stolen Generations survivors who were removed by, committed to, or otherwise came into the care of the New South Wales Aborigines Protection or Welfare Boards under the Aborigines Protection Act 1909, up until the Act was repealed on 2 June 1969.

The Funeral Assistance Fund provides one-off payments to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements above and who were living on 2 December 2016 (the date that the NSW Government announced the establishment of the Funeral Assistance Fund). Eligible Stolen Generations Survivors can choose to receive the Funeral Assistance payment at the same time as their reparations payment or to defer the payment and nominate a person to receive the payment at the point it is required.

Applications must be submitted before 30 June 2023. No further applications will be accepted after that date.

This scheme is run through Aboriginal Affairs NSW. For further information, call Aboriginal Affairs on 1800 019 998 or visit Aboriginal Affairs NSW – Reparations Scheme.

Community Legal Centres can provide free assistance to apply to the Reparations Scheme. You can find your nearest Community Legal Centre here