Farewellto Toni

The time has come to say farewell to our wonderful Groupwork Coordinator, Toni. Many of you would have met or spoken to Toni over the last 5 years. Toni organised the many different groups, events and activities regularly advertised in the newsletters over the years, as well as regional groups and the Wattle Place visits to different regions within NSW.

Toni set up the Wattle Place group program, so it is thanks to Toni that we have been able to offer all the wonderful art groups, craft groups, walking groups, theatre outings, bus trips, etc, etc,. that you’ve enjoyed over the years. More recently, of course, Toni was the one who moved group activities online when COVID put an end to face to face groups. It was a huge challenge for Toni and for all of you, but through Toni’s hard work, attention to detail and persistence, we now have some regular online groups and those options will continue to grow as long as necessary. Thankfully Bek, with her friendly manner and enthusiasm, will continue to offer both online (and the occasional face to face) groups.

We are very thankful to Toni for all that she has done, and while we are sad to see Toni go, we wish her all the very best in her future!