Wattle Place Art Exhibition: Emerging - Submitting your artwork

Artwork requirements

Any Forgotten Australian who is connected with Wattle Place can submit creative artworks, in whichever form you like: painting, drawing, photography, crotchet, quilting, sculpture, wood carving etc.

Please note when considering a piece to submit, that the exhibition will be open to the general public, including children and potentially other Forgotten Australians who are not part of the Wattle Place community, and we hope that everyone who sees it will leave with a positive idea of who Forgotten Australians are now and what you have achieved.

The size of the exhibition space can accommodate around 30 hangable artworks and 5 sculptural/ 3D artworks. We will also be playing a few Life Stories in video form from the Wattle Place community.

The sizes of the artworks will have to be limited to a maximum of:

  • 80cm x 50cm for hangable artworks
  • up to 30cm x 30cm x 60cm for artwork that will be placed on plinths (eg sculptures).

We will also need some information (MAX 150 words) with:

  • your name
  • the name of the artwork (if it has one) and/or the material used (for example, charcoal on paper), and
  • a description of the artwork (that is, what it depicts, what motivated it, or what it represents).

We will put this information next to the artwork for the information of people visiting the exhibition.

Getting Artworks to the Exhibition

If you are interested in submitting an artwork for the exhibition, please contact Wattle Place so we can give you all the details about how to get your artwork to us.

When planning the art exhibition, one of the main challenges was figuring out how to transport the artworks from around NSW. Obviously we want to make it as easy for you as we can, so we decided it would be a great opportunity to combine the collection of artworks with some visits to regional centres, which we have been unable to do the last few years. So, you are invited to join us for lunch and/or to drop of your artwork at the nearest regional centre to you, on the dates scheduled below.

It is important to note that these are strict deadlines by which artworks will need to be completed, as they are determined by what date and time we will be in particular locations, as set out here:

Lunch/Drop off Venue Date time RSVP by


Port Macquarie **

Coffs Harbour





Monday 18 July 22

Tuesday 19 July 22

Wednesday 20 July 22

Thursday 21 July 22

Friday 22 July 22

Monday 25 July 22

Wednesday 27 July 22

Thursday 28 July 22

Lunch 12.00 -2.00pm

Lunch 12.30 – 2.30pm

Lunch 12.00 – 2pm

Lunch 12.00 – 2.00pm

Lunch 1.00 – 3.00pm

Lunch 1.00 – 3.00pm

Lunch 12.30 -2.30pm

Lunch 12.00 – 2pm

RSVP by  27 June

RSVP by  28 June

RSVP by  29 June

RSVP by  30 June

RSVP by  1 July

RSVP by  4 July

RSVP by  6 July

RSVP by  7 July


** Due to a tight schedule, we are unable to add any more regional centres to the list, however, we are aware of a large number of Forgotten Australians in the Kempsey area, so we would like to offer a pick up service from Kempsey to the Port Macquarie lunch on Wednesday 20 July.

If you live in Kempsey and would like assistance to attend the Port Macquarie lunch, and/or drop off an artwork, please contact Wattle Place by Wednesday 30 June, on 1800 663 844 or (02) 8837 7000.

The final date for all artworks to be received by Wattle Place is Friday 29 July.