Wattle Place Christmas Party

Just a reminder that the Wattle Place Christmas party is going ahead!
The restrictions set by the NSW Government and the Holiday Inn do mean, however, that it will be a little different to previous years. In line with the 1 person per 4 square metre restriction, we can only have 50 Forgotten Australians in the venue together. We will therefore have 2 Christmas parties, one on Tuesday 8 December and the other on Wednesday 9 December, with 50 Forgotten Australians attending on each day.
So that all available places will go to Forgotten Australians, unfortunately carers, support people and spouses/partners will NOT be able to attend. Wattle Place staff will be available to offer any assistance you may need. Carers or support people are, of course, welcome to drop you at the venue, but will have to wait for you elsewhere (maybe in a nearby park or at Westfield Shopping Centre). The party is only expected to last a few hours at the most.
We mentioned in the newsletter that there would not be a buffet, however, the great news is, the buffet will now be available. In order to maintain hygiene though, there will be a clear screen over the food, and a staff member will put the food you select on the plate for you.
As numbers are strictly limited, we are asking you to please register your interest by Friday 13 November by calling Toni on 1800 663 844 or (02) 8837 7000, or register via email us here. You are, of course, welcome to organise a table or group, but each member of the group will need to register themselves. You cannot register on behalf of other people.
After having to cancel other events all together, we are happy that we can at least have a Christmas party and get together in person with those we haven’t seen for far too long. We hope you can join us.